After Jinmao walks, the meat mat is injured. The details that should be paid attention to in dog care

Cute and lovely golden fur has always been one of the popular pets. They are gentle and kind-hearted, and are very suitable for children. And golden hair's endurance is stronger, if injured, will not show generally. This will make people who raise golden hair feel relieved, but it is also very dangerous. If Jinmao was hurt, the excrement shoveling officer didn't notice. Gradually after the serious delay, golden hair may be too late to go to treatment. So we must be careful when raising golden wool, and pay attention to these details.

The dog's meat pad is relatively easy to be injured. When the dog goes out without paying attention, it will make the dog's meat pad hurt. When the dog owner finds that the dog's meat pad is injured, he should pay attention to solve it in time, so as to avoid serious wound, and then solve the problem. Here's how to treat the wounds on the meat mat for dogs.

After the dog pad is injured, the dog owner should pay attention to check the wound to see the size of the wound and the amount of bleeding. If the wound is relatively small and the bleeding volume is relatively small, then the dog owner can handle it at home. However, if the wound on the dog pad is large and deep and needs to be sutured, it is necessary to take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in a professional veterinarian Help the dog with the wound.

Stabilize the dog, lift the dog's foot, look at the wound on the meat pad, use a clean razor to shave the hair around the meat pad. After shaving, rinse the hair with normal saline. Do not let the bacteria on the hair enter the wound. After washing, moisten some hydrogen peroxide with cotton swab and smear it around the wound. Hydrogen peroxide is a certain irritant, so the dog may use it when applying it There will be a struggle, it needs the dog owner to put on the collar first, so as not to bite the dog.

After the dog owner cleans the dog's wound, he can spray it on the wound with pet speed seal. When spraying, the dog can cover the wound completely. Then press cotton on the wound, stick the tape tightly and wrap it with gauze. Don't let the external bacteria enter the wound. After wrapping, pay attention not to take off the dog's collar, so as not to damage the wound just wrapped.

Dog owners should pay attention to the dog's wound care. The dog needs a lot of nutrition to recover the wound. Therefore, when the dog owner usually feeds the dog, he should pay attention to feeding more nutritious food to the dog, timely supplement the nutrition needed by the dog's body, and maintain the balance of the dog's body nutrition, which is helpful for the healing of the dog's wound.

These details of dog care must pay attention to:

1. Walking around depends on the temperature

Some careless pet owners will not observe their golden hair. No matter how high the temperature is, they will take the golden hair out for a walk. Originally, the golden meat pad can resist the general temperature, but too high still can't. Pet owners don't feel much when they step on the ground in their shoes, but golden fur usually burns. So take golden hair out for a walk in summer, it's best to let it step on the lawn. As for whether you can wear shoes or not, of course, you can, but golden hair will feel uncomfortable. The best way is to shovel the excrement officer to pay attention to the time of walking, and wait for the temperature to drop before going out.

2. Give it a snack

Some pet owners who dote on Jinmao will take any snacks to Jinmao. Every time as long as golden hair a coquettish, pet owners can only hand out the snacks in their hands. Maybe pet owners don't think too much about it, but they don't know it's easy to kill the dog. Like chocolate, this kind of snack, golden hair is like to eat, but it is not to eat. Once they eat chocolate, they need gastric lavage seriously. So the pet owner must check more at ordinary times, what things can't eat.

3. Gnawing bone

Dogs like to gnaw bones, so as long as the home cooked bone soup, the bones must be golden hair. Gnawing more bone is good for golden teeth and trace elements. But the fear is that some pet owners even chicken bones or duck bones, like to gnaw golden hair. Their bones can easily scratch the golden esophagus or cause indigestion. Therefore, there is a difference between the bones that golden hair wants to gnaw. Not all bones can be gnawed.

4. Take a bath frequently

As long as it is a dog, the home will inevitably have a taste. This makes the pet owner is very confused, what should he do to have no taste. In addition to keeping the golden hair on the balcony or regularly spraying fresh agent at home, there is no good way. However, some pet owners pay attention to Jinmao and feel that as long as they give it more bath, the taste will be gone. It's right to take a bath frequently, but it doesn't apply to golden hair. They're less resistant, and dogs generally resist bathing.

Now people keep dogs, often dogs are sensible, but pet owners will not take care of them. We can see from these details whether we can raise a golden feather. So if you want to be a qualified pet owner, you have to spend more time. Most of the time, Jinmao is very obedient, but after injury there will always be a difference. As long as the pet owner can observe carefully, it can be distinguished.