Choose the six skills of paper drawing to identify the quality of paper drawing from three aspects

Drawing paper is a common paper product in our country. We usually pay attention to the brand first when we choose to draw paper. However, more and more fake and shoddy products on the market make people feel very uneasy. So how do we choose to draw paper? The following is to introduce some of the selection of paper extraction skills and quality identification methods.

How to choose paper drawing skills

1. Look at the outer packing

The standard number, production date, shelf life and main raw materials must be indicated on the outer package of qualified paper drawn by regular manufacturers. Specifically, under normal circumstances, the standard number is GT / t2008, and the shelf life is three years. In addition, the product number, address and telephone number of the manufacturer will be indicated on the outer package.

Secondly, there are a lot of grade standards for paper drawing, among which the best grade is the best, followed by the first grade, and the second is the qualified product. Consumers can directly measure the quality of paper according to this standard.

For unqualified paper drawing, the implementation standard and production date are usually vague, and some even do not.

2. Pay attention to raw materials for production

The raw materials for tissue production are complex, including plant fiber, cotton pulp, wood pulp, waste newspaper and waste paper edge. At present, the paper produced from raw wood pulp is better in the market. It is from wood to pulp and directly to paper. The paper has high purity and does not mix with other materials.

In addition, there are two kinds of wood pulp: primary pulp and pure wood pulp. The primary wood pulp is simply pure pulp that is made directly from plants and has not been used. Its main materials are reed, bagasse and plant fiber. The paper has good flexibility and fine fiber secretion. The pure wood pulp may also include recycled pulp, i.e. waste pulp. It may be made from recycled waste paper, so black spots and coarse pores will appear.

3. Feel

Good tissue paper contains a high amount of wood pulp, feel delicate and soft after touching, not easy to lose powder and hair. And bad paper towel, its paper is hard, relatively loose, easy to lose powder, hair, wipe on the skin and even feel pain.

In addition, if consumers feel a strong sense of particles in the paper towel, it means that the paper contains bleached lime water, and it is recommended not to buy it, so as not to affect their health.

4. Specific toughness

Good tissue paper because the raw material is pure wood pulp, or contains a high amount of wood pulp, so the fiber is longer, stronger, expanding tension, elastic, not easy to be broken. The reporter did an experiment at the scene, holding a wood pulp paper of Vader in his hand, and pulling hard, he saw that the paper had been pulled with wrinkles, but it did not break. And bad paper due to the low purity of wood pulp, fiber short and fine, it is easy to brittle fracture, a little force will appear fracture phenomenon.

5. Observe the combustion

Consumers can also test the quality of paper by burning paper towels. Usually, the paper with excessive fluorescent agent is white or black after burning with fire, while the normal qualified paper towel is natural gray after burning.

In addition, you can also soak the paper towel in water to see how its quality is. Good tissue paper density, toughness, even if immersed in water, will not deform loose. And the paper towel with poor quality is soaked in water, which is easy to loose.

6. See whiteness

The whiter the tissue is not the better. In order to improve the whiteness of paper, some manufacturers will add excessive fluorescent whitening agent to remove stubborn pollutants, so that the paper towel has a bright white and clean feeling from the outer packaging. However, on the contrary, the state has a clear regulation on the whiteness of paper towel, and the whiteness of Grade A products is 85.0% - 90.0%. If the whiteness of paper exceeds 90.0%, it does not meet the requirements of the standard. The use of substandard tissue paper, light will appear skin itching, serious can lead to skin disease, even cancer. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers should not buy paper that is too white, or pan green or blue light.

The normal tissue color should be ivory white and natural white. Consumers can use the money detector to test tissue paper. The paper with blue violet light usually has excessive fluorescent agent.

Quality identification of paper drawing

1. Raw materials

At present, most paper towels in the market will choose wood pulp, but wood pulp is also divided into primary wood pulp and ordinary wood pulp. Although it is also wood pulp, the paper produced is quite different. In order to reduce costs, many enterprises will use ordinary wood pulp. However, in order to make publicity, it is under the banner of 100% wood pulp. I believe that many consumers think that such paper is very good, but it can be careful It can be found that the paper towel of Qingfeng brand is written with 100% original wood pulp on the package.

The original wood pulp is simply pure pulp made from plants and has not been used. Its main materials are reed, bagasse and plant fiber. The paper has good flexibility and fine fiber secretion; Ordinary wood pulp may also include recycled pulp, that is waste pulp, which may be made from recycled waste paper, so black spots and coarse pores will appear. That's the difference.

2. Quality

The continuous exposure of the quality and hygiene of paper drawing has made many consumers worried. In fact, to identify the quality of paper drawing, we can use the money detector to judge whether the product contains fluorescent whitening agent. We can use ultraviolet lamp (money detector lamp) to irradiate in the dark, and the bright one contains fluorescent whitening agent. You can also carefully observe the surface of the paper.

If the surface color is not uniform, mixed with yellow or gray, it is usually produced by adding wet pulp such as bamboo and bagasse into the edge of white paper, which contains fluorescent whitening agent; if the color of the whole paper is gray white and there are some black spots, it is recycled from office waste paper, containing more fluorescent whitening agent. Because the function of fluorescent whitening agent is to enhance blue light reflection, the paper surface containing more fluorescent whitening agent will be slightly blue.

There are also such aspects as softness and toughness, which are also the key to quality inspection. We must choose the paper drawn by regular manufacturers such as Qingfeng, so as to use them with ease.

3. Quantity

Generally, the number of qualified paper drawing will be marked on the outer package, i.e. the number of sheets and the number of samples. In order to confuse this problem, many enterprises do not mark the quantity. Even if some enterprises mark, they also confuse the words.

For example, 100 pieces and 100 pieces of paper towel paper marked in box or soft paper may show different meanings. Each drawing is usually two layers, and 100 pieces is 200 pieces. So for the sake of everyone's interests, or do not covet cheap, the choice of big brand paper is the best.