Common faults of gas water heater

Gas water heater is a kind of gas water heater that we often use in the above. It uses gas as fuel and then heats it to transfer heat to gas appliances for exchanging some hot water. There are also many common faults and solutions of gas water heater. We can continue to learn about the gas water heater in our daily life and have a better way to learn, The main reason is that it is difficult to produce some water that is not too hot or the water heater is ignited.

There are many failures of gas water heater. According to different faults, simple self-solution can be carried out. If there are some other parts, we really need to find some after-sales workers to carry out some other maintenance. We can make some simple introduction under our own study of this simple small fault in daily life.

Fault one: the water is not hot

Reason 1: low gas pressure: gas pipeline blockage, low gas pipeline pressure

Solution: self check whether the gas pipeline is blocked (connect a pipe from the gas meter to the gas inlet of the water heater, directly connect with the water heater, if the water heater can work normally, that is, the pipeline from the meter to the water heater inlet is blocked), and ask the gas company to check the gas pipeline pressure.

Reason 2: the water flow is too large: the pipeline pressure is too large, and the pipe diameter is too large

Solution: close the valve of the water inlet pipe and increase the set temperature of the water heater.

Reason 3: improper settings, should be adjusted in high-grade or winter, and now in mid-range or spring and autumn files

Correct solution: according to the instruction manual.

Fault two: the water is too hot

Cause 1: low water pressure, small water flow, water pipe blockage


a. Change the water pipe to a certain diameter;

b. Add booster pump;

c. Clean the filter screen of water heater inlet pipe;

d. Adjust the water volume on the water heater to a large value;

e. Change the sprinklers, the eyes should be as large as possible.

Reason 2: high gas pressure is mainly reflected in LPG

Solution: change the pressure reducing valve of liquefied gas (must be labor card), and adjust the gas pressure to the required value.

Reason 3: improper setting is mainly caused by setting the water heater in the high temperature area

Solution: set it correctly according to the instructions.

The above is about the gas water heater common faults and solutions, in daily life, a simple fault can be removed, if there are some other parts, it is really necessary to find some after-sales workers to carry out some other maintenance, daily life also need to carry out the maintenance and cleaning of gas water heater, to ensure its service life and better Perfect.