Different dog breeds match different dog owners, and the same personality is the most appropriate

For dog owners, each dog is actually like a group of children, and there will be great differences between them. In fact, there are some factors that influence the dog owners' choice of dogs. In fact, personality is one of the biggest influencing factors. The different personalities of dog owners determine what kind of pet dogs they keep. Therefore, observing the personality of a dog owner can show what kind of dog he has.

Do you know more about the breed of dogs? Today, we will introduce some common dogs and some common knowledge about them.

Shiba Inu

The owner of the dog who loves to keep a Chai dog is actually a very lively person in his daily life, which is the same as the Chai dog. He likes to run around and likes to go out to play. He has a friendly attitude towards many people. Some of the general character will not change, and some things will not change easily.

siberian husky

Type: medium sized dog.

Classification: fluffy dog, sled dog, working dog.

Characteristics: the typical character of husky dog is friendly, gentle, alert and like to communicate. It doesn't show the dog's strong possessiveness of territory, does not have too much doubt about strangers, and does not attack other dogs. Adult dogs should have a certain degree of caution and dignity. This breed is intelligent, docile and enthusiastic, and is a suitable companion and loyal worker.

It is said that dogs follow their owners, which is particularly obvious in husky. Husky is a funny civilization in the world of Wang Xingren, so the happiness of raising husky lies in his neuroticism. Most of the owners of husky dogs share the same attributes as Husky. Usually, they are very funny. However, once they get serious, they can still carry the flag.

Tibetan mastiff

Breed: at present, there are three kinds of Tibetan mastiff: tiger head, big lion head, small lion head; and the color also has the following classification: snow mastiff, black mastiff, yellow mastiff, red mastiff, iron Baojin, iron coated silver, Langqing and grey mastiff; the distinction between eyes and mouth and face is: hanging eye, triangle eye, hanging mouth, big hanging mouth, flat mouth, old man's face, ordinary, etc.

Origin: Tibet, Hequ Shitou Tibetan mastiff, Shannan Hutou Tibetan mastiff, Qinghai Yushu tiger head Tibetan mastiff (as for the legendary Dangxiang Tibetan mastiff is good or not is not clear).

Features: native to the Qinghai Tibet Plateau of China, it is a tall, fierce, drooping ear, short hair domestic dog. The body length is about 130 cm, the coat is long and thick, cold resistant, and can sleep safely in the ice and snow. His character is resolute, powerful and ferocious, and his wild nature is still alive, which makes people afraid. Protect territory, protect food, attack, have strong hostility to strangers, but extremely friendly to the host, is a good assistant to guard the house, herd horses and sheep.

golden retriever

Type: medium sized dog.

Classification: gun hound, fluffy dog, working dog.

Jinmao is famous for being considerate to dog owners. When many dog owners choose them, they see their own character is very gentle. In fact, the owner's choice of them represents the owner's personality. The owner of a golden dog must be very gentle and likes to take care of the weak. At some sensitive moments, the owner of a golden dog is very considerate and can always give proper care.


Type of dog: medium.

Classification: companion dog, shotgun dog and competition dog.

History: Mini poodle and toy poodle may be small breed bred by crossing Standard Poodle with Maltese and havena. It has a history of 400 years in Western Europe. The dog is versatile and can behave in any environment. Standard VIPs are originally bred as hounds, while mini VIPs and toy VIPs are just companion dogs. Poodles were popular in French courts during Louis 14-16, while minipoors and Toy Poodles appeared in 17th century paintings. The dog was also popular in circuses from the 18th to 19th centuries. Poodles were first introduced to the United States at the end of the 19th century, but did not become popular until after the end of World War II, and kept the honor of the most popular breed for 20 years. The French name caniche caniche, which means duck dog, describes its original purpose -- duck dog.

Height: 38 cm, over standard weight.

Mini poodle: shoulder height 28-38cm, weight 3-6kg.

Toy poodle: shoulder height equal to or less than 28cm, weight 2-3kg.

Character: smart, lively, good temperament, easy to approach, is a loyal dog breed. Very agile, intelligent and elegant dog with square structure, well proportioned, powerful and confident pace. He needs to be pruned and beautified in the traditional way, so that he has a distinctive look and unique noble posture. The standard poodle also retains its ability as a hound and swims well. Smart and studious, they are popular in obedient occasions and in circuses. This kind of dog is happy, docile, is the family good pet, needs the appropriate activity. If you have enough time to serve, he is also a good watch dog. Although he can also be trimmed in the shape of a lion, many people like to cut him into the shape of a lamb.


Type: medium sized dog.

Classification: fluffy dog, working dog, sled dog.

Personality: smart, elegant, loyal, adaptable, alert, active, enthusiastic about service, friendly but conservative. Samoyer dog is a kind of running animal. It likes and needs to exercise to keep healthy and the nature of Samoye dog. It should not be kept in the house or confined in the limited range of activities for a long time. Most of the owners who keep Samoye are running for the beauty of the dog. After all, Samoye's whole body is white, which is still attractive to many people. The dog owners who choose Samoye must pay more attention to their own influence in their daily life, and they are generally gentle and will not easily lose their temper to others, because they should always maintain their own influence.

If dogs and dog owners want to get along, they must have some common ground in some aspects, otherwise the relationship between dog owners and dogs can not be particularly long-term. In fact, we can't say that dogs follow their owners completely. What's more, they can only fit each other in terms of personality. Only when their personalities are right, can dogs and dog owners live happily for a long time, which is the same as the relationship between people.


Type: small dog.

Classification: fluffy dog companion dog guard dog.

Personality: healthy and cheerful, personality, energetic. The focus of attention is its loyal and friendly personality. Although it belongs to a small breed of dogs, it will show a brave and fierce side in case of emergency. Pomegranate dogs must be regularly sorted out, not suitable for people living a busy life. Gorgeous fur, not only need regular pruning, but also need to comb carefully every day. Because the body hair is rich and the amount of depilation during the hair changing period is large, it is advisable to keep clean and take a bath twice a week. Female dogs are more likely to have dystocia. Pomegranate is active and should be allowed to exercise or walk outdoors every day. Suitable for indoor rearing.

miniature schnauzerterrier

Type: small dog.

Classification: Terrier dog companion dog mousetrap.

Character: the typical mini Schnauzer is smart, lively, obedient, alert, brave and obedient. He is friendly, intelligent, happy to please the owner, strong, energetic, loyal and trustworthy. He likes sports and play, and should do outdoor sports regularly. The coat should be combed every day and trimmed in spring and autumn. Ears, cheeks and head should be cut short to keep the coat clean and beautiful.

rough collie

Type: large dog.

Classification: shepherd dog, working dog, animal husbandry and guard dog.

Character: the dog is very intelligent, good personality, approachable, intelligent and sensitive, and responds well to gentle obedience training, friendly, willing to please the owner, suitable for careful children. Cheerful and lively personality, strong feeling. Without proper social experience, they may be shy or nervous, get along well with other pets, but may chase smaller animals. The best way to be a watchdog. It is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. It is full of vigor, full of emotion to the owner, strong vigilance to strangers and good protection ability.

chow chow

Type of dog: medium.

Classification: fluffy dog, companion dog, working dog.

Character: Pine lion dog is very quiet, elegant character, never do damage. They are the easiest breed to learn how to use the toilet. But the pine lion dog's character is very unique, they are very much like the cat, very self-contained, independent, stubborn. Don't think its nice bear fur will be easy to hold. They usually disappoint you because they don't like to be funny. They are intelligent, but not easy to teach, because their nature is not to please their owners, their self-centered character can not be used in general dog training techniques. They won't compromise for corporal punishment, and they won't do things they don't want to do.

Their likes and dislikes follow their own emotions and ignore others or other animals. They are extremely arrogant and have personality. They are often mistaken for a very wild and aggressive animal. As a matter of fact, they don't like strangers and are very territorial. As long as they are in their territory, they will defend everything, and they will be very unfriendly to strangers. So the poodle needs a strong and stubborn owner.