Flowers are elegant gifts, flowers in the etiquette of communication in the form of application

Flowers can make friends, convey feelings, salute, and even have flowers as a medium. To be specific, the unique emotional color is hidden and rhymed in the delicate appearance of flowers, which makes them become the information carrier of emotion transmission. Therefore, flowers can act as emotional messengers in modern social etiquette and take on the role of a variety of emotional transmission messengers.

1. Contact friendship. When people make friends, greet relatives and friends, welcome and see off guests, if they send a bunch or basket of colorful flowers, they naturally convey a friendly greeting and blessing, and express a sincere and friendly friendship. This kind of friendship is not only noble and chic, but also simple and convenient. As a kind of etiquette communication, sending flowers has become an indispensable part of modern people. Flowers and plants spread the true feelings, flowers increase friendship, flowers in the communication between people set up a beautiful bridge of friendship.

2. Pass on love. The flowers are the purest, purest and most ardent feelings in the world. Although flowers are silent, they are the most affectionate. This silent flower language, like a hot matchmaker, can faithfully convey feelings and thoughts between lovers and convey love. The deep love brought by the flowers can open the hearts of young men and women who love each other, and can affect the emotional entanglement of the beloved girl.

3. Set off the wedding banquet atmosphere. In the wedding ceremony, the flowers in the bride's hand can not only make the new quantity more beautiful and beautiful, but also as a symbol of sweet and happiness, the flowers, as the embodiment of the beautiful God of love, with holy and elegant love, bring the new couple the best wishes of loyal love and a good marriage for a hundred years.

4. Happy birthday. When relatives and friends send flowers and foliage plants to celebrate their health and longevity, they will be filled with green leaves and flower shadows.

5. Diplomatic lubricant. Flowers are the symbol of people's pursuit of happiness, friendship and peace, which are loved by people all over the world. Properly placing some flowers in diplomatic occasions can adjust the serious and boring atmosphere during the talks, activate people's emotions, and even break the deadlock to a certain extent.

In addition, flowers are also elegant gifts for various awards and awards.

Flowers are mainly used in etiquette communication as follows:

1. Bouquet: including ordinary bouquet and bridal bouquet. The main use of various packaging paper, ribbon and other materials, the combination of flowers for a variety of different styles of packaging, one hand can hold, both hands can hold. It can be used to welcome and send off guests, visit friends, flowers, gifts, marriage and other occasions.

2. Flower arrangement: the use of needle plate, vase and other containers to fix the flower material on the flower paste and other fixed objects, forming different styles. It can be used in office, restaurant, reception desk, hotel front desk, conference room and other places.

3. Flower basket: use all kinds of flower baskets, put flower paste in the basket, and put flowers on the flower mud to create different styles of flower arrangement forms. It can be used for gifts, stage setting, hall decoration, opening ceremony and memorial service. It can be divided into gift basket, celebration flower basket, decoration flower basket and memorial flower basket.

4. Decorative flowers: including corsage, head flower, wrist flower, shoulder flower, etc. It is usually used to attend various large-scale meetings, important meetings, parties, opening ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and other occasions. It is worn on the chest, head and wrist. Only a small number of flower materials and leaves are needed to produce elegant and generous flower patterns, playing a decorative effect.

5. Gift potted flowers: the flowers, leaves, fruits and other flowers planted in the flowerpot are packaged as gifts.