How to adjust the refrigerator temperature?

The refrigerator is a common household appliance in today's society. Using the refrigerator can keep many foods fresh, especially many office workers, who have no time to go shopping every day to buy vegetables, can put the food on the refrigerator's cold storage. It is no problem to keep the food fresh for a few days. Many people don't know about the temperature regulation of the refrigerator. They haven't adjusted the temperature since they bought the refrigerator. This is the answer of many families. In fact, the temperature of the refrigerator should be adjusted according to the season.

Refrigerator temperature regulation has many advantages, can save electricity resources, but also can play a better food storage function. But ziah here reminds you that the refrigerator is not a storage cabinet, and some leftovers should not be put in it as far as possible. It is very easy to get fungus. It is not good to eat such food for a long time. The following describes the refrigerator temperature regulation method:

1. Temperature regulation in summer

In the process of using refrigerator (freezer), its working time and power consumption are greatly affected by the ambient temperature, so we need to choose different gears in different seasons. When the ambient temperature is high in summer, it should be used in the weak grade 2-3.

Cause: in summer, the ambient temperature is high, and it is difficult for the temperature in the box to drop by 1 degree. The loss of cooling capacity through the insulation layer of the box and the door seal will also be accelerated, which will lead to a long start-up time and a short shutdown time. In this way, the press will run for a long time under high temperature, which will aggravate the wear of piston and cylinder, and the insulation performance of motor coil enameled wire will be reduced due to high temperature, and the power consumption will also rise sharply, which is uneconomical and unreasonable. If you change to the weak gear (2.3), you will find that the start-up time is significantly shorter and the shutdown time is longer, which not only saves the electric energy, but also reduces the wear of the compressor and prolongs the service life. So in summer, when the temperature is high, turn the thermostat to the weak position.

2. Temperature regulation in winter

In winter, the general gear should be set to 4 or above.

Reason: the product you purchased only has a temperature controller in the refrigeration room to control the temperature of refrigeration and freezing. Because the technical requirement of refrigeration temperature is controlled between 0 and 10 degrees, and generally in winter, the refrigeration environment is relatively low, so it is easy to reach the set temperature. If the set temperature is too high, the refrigerator can easily start up for a short time, leading to the refrigeration effect not reaching Low, mainly to ensure the refrigeration effect of refrigeration. In general, if the ambient temperature is lower than 16 degrees, it can be adjusted to the fifth gear, and lower than 10 degrees, it can be adjusted to the sixth or seventh gear. Sometimes, because the ambient temperature is too low, such as 0 ~ 5 degrees, the gear is turned down to refrigerate and freeze things. At this time, the food can be stored outside the refrigerator.

The above describes the specific operation method of refrigerator temperature regulation. We must keep up with the trend of science and technology. We should learn some common sense, which is energy-saving and reasonable. In fact, the refrigerator is not a very hygienic place. You must clean it regularly. Sometimes when you smell a bad smell in the refrigerator, it is already a time when there are a lot of bacteria. You should thoroughly clean it before, and clean it together when defrosting regularly. This is responsible for your own and your family's health.