How to keep your dog from getting too excited when walking

Do you have this kind of experience? Dogs are always very obedient at home, but once out of the house, they are in a state of extreme hyperactivity like taking stimulants, and suddenly become uncontrollable. It is not so much "walking the dog" as "being taken by the dog". I am afraid that it will be more appropriate to say that "being taken for a walk" is more appropriate than "walking the dog". Many people even walk out of sports injury because the dog is difficult to control. The expert suggested that the owner should start with the selection of leash, timely encouragement or snack guidance, which can not only make the dog feel comfortable, but also warm up the owner.

The owner Miss Qiu said that every time she took her dog "q-bi" out for a walk, it would always become disobedient, and even tug of war with her at both ends of the rope. She mistakenly thought it was a game, and sometimes ignored her words completely. Another owner, Miss Wang, had four dogs, and she had more problems walking the dog. She said that every time she walked the dog, it was difficult to control, and the dog often went with her Playing the drama of "going to the East and the west" and walking the dog down once, the whole person often shows a state of backache and backache. How to make the dog obedient is what she wants to solve most now.

After listening to the description of the owners, our suggestions are as follows:

The most important first thing to do when walking a dog is to choose the rope carefully. It is best to use the non elastic rope because the elastic rope will make the dog think it is playing and disobedient during pulling. Moreover, the rope should keep the shortest length of slight drop to let the dog follow closely;

Second, take the dog's favorite snacks with him;

Third, timely praise and encouragement from the owners can make the walking process more smooth.

Lewis said that as long as the dog is walking in the right way, the dog will not be injured due to the pulling of the trachea, muscles and ligaments, and the owner will not have sports injury. Moreover, daily walking can promote the health of the dog and reduce anxiety and depression. He said that after the event medical treatment is only a temporary cure, and learning the correct way to walk the dog is the fundamental solution.