How to prevent hair disorder after waking up, share the correct method of hair care

After a good sleep, I wake up to find that my regular hair has become a mess, and it takes time to take care of it again. Is there any good way to keep your hair almost the same after you wake up? I'd like to share a few tips for you.

How to prevent hair disorder after waking up

1. Use books as pillows

Once I was in school deeply troubled by this, every day sleep life hair was pressed, as a result, the hair is always messy. So, I came up with a way is to use books as pillows, since then the hair has not been disordered. And this habit has been up to now. But in fact, the use of hard objects as pillows has this effect, such as porcelain pillows in the past. But porcelain may be too hard, books are a little better than porcelain, and the materials are more simple. Just fold the book to 10 cm high. However, if we focus on ergonomics, it is not very scientific in fact, and it may be a little bad for the spine. However, the author has not had any problems in high school.

2. Spread a silk scarf on the pillow

It is said that this method has been broadcast on CCTV. The silk scarf is smooth and has no static electricity, which can ensure that your hair will not be deformed due to the rolling during sleep.

3. Comb your hair before going to bed to keep it dry

If your hair is dirty or you go to bed before it's dry, it's easy to get up and mess up. The reason is that it's easy to hold and fix when the hair is dry. And wet hair sleep on human health will cause impact, especially easy to cause nausea, dizziness, cold and other symptoms.

4. Dry hair

Dry hair is easy to produce static electricity, need to spray a few anti-static nutrition water, not set water, do not spray too much, slightly comb neat after going to bed.

5. Long hair combed

If it's a woman with long hair, try putting her hair back on top of her pillow before going to bed, so that no matter how she rolls, it won't affect her.

6. Sleep in a fixed position

Maybe this is more difficult, because you can't control your sleeping posture, especially some people sleep in bed at night. When I was a child, I tried to wake up and found my head was sleeping in the bed, rolling 180 degrees! However, with the growth of age, the position in bed is less and less changed.

Correct hair care method:

1. When you wash your hair, you must have good shampoo. When you wash your hair, apply shampoo evenly and massage your head. It will help our hair quality to be smooth and elegant. After washing, remember to comb it with a comb. Don't go to bed without drying it. This is especially easy to knot. Don't wash your hair at night, it will affect your health.

2. If it's oily hair, we only wash the tail, because the top of the head loves oil, so we can't wash it. If it is dry or neutral hair, you can apply more hair conditioner. After washing the conditioner, the hair is also very soft, because the conditioner has a soft effect. And play a role in acid-base neutralization. Shampoo is acidic, so remove dandruff. The conditioner is alkaline, so it's smooth.

3. When washing hair, try to connect a basin of water, and then toss the hair inside, let the hair swing with the water flow. Not only can get rid of dandruff, but also can make hair smooth. If you're just saving trouble, grab a shower and it's obvious that your hair is more likely to knot. Don't try to cut your beautiful hair. You cut your hair every time you tie. I'm afraid there isn't much hair left in the end. And if you cut your hair, you can guarantee that you won't tie knot in the future. If you take good care of your hair, you won't knot.

4. Use hair dryer must be far away from the hair, we just as soon as possible to dry the hair, and then carefully comb it. If the hair dryer is too close, the hair is easy to become withered and yellow, and easy to damage the hair. We can't damage the scalp and hair by combing our hair. With a blower should first use hot air, blowing 70% - 80% before using cold air.