How to raise rose? Notes on raising rose flowers

Many people like rose, rose and rose have a lot of similarities, the flower is also very beautiful, in many places in the south,  it is a kind of Rosaceae, people who have cultivated Rosaceae plants should know that the vitality of rose is very strong, it sends out the vitality of youth, represents the positive power of youth, below Let's see how to raise roses.

How to raise rose?

Do you always raise roses? We should all know that the vitality of roses is very strong. For how to raise roses, many people should also have experience in this respect. Roses are very easy to cultivate, and the requirements for the soil for raising rose flowers are not very high.

1. Choose a good basin and choose a purple sand basin. It is not difficult to understand that this is more related to the air permeability mentioned above.

2. Make good use of soil, choose loose soil with good air permeability, never use cohesive soil, and secondly, soil should be rich in organic matter.

3. Timely planting, the best is spring planting, if you want to plant in autumn, it is best to plant with soil, and it is best to put the seedlings in the place with suitable sunlight and good ventilation conditions. After the seedlings survive, you can trim them according to the appearance you want to see in the future, so that the branches are reasonable and the plasticity is beautiful.

4. Water reasonably. Before the rose sprouts, keep the basin soil moist as far as possible, so that the soil is not dry. After germination, watering frequency will gradually increase, generally about twice a day, once before 10 a.m., and in the afternoon according to the dry and wet conditions of the basin soil. Pay special attention to it at noon. During this period, many friends may forget some common sense. That is, if the sun is very strong at noon, especially in summer, watering should not be applied to the leaves of roses, which will burn them. Since most people's watering in summer will kill the rose, it is recommended that the water should be watered in the morning and evening respectively in summer, and not at night.

5. Regular fertilization, roses like fertilizer, generally in the spring and autumn two growth season, fertilization every 10-15 days, if using fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer can be. Fertilization should be stopped in high temperature summer and low temperature winter.

6. Breeding places, because roses like light, so you can put your roses in a place with plenty of sunshine and good ventilation conditions, but it should be properly shaded in summer.

7. pruning: when flowers are thanked, some branches should be cut off, and new branches shall be left for 2-3 knots and then cut off. If there are more than 2 branches, they can be used for cutting propagation. In winter, pruning is mainly plastic, generally cutting off the pest branches, dead branches and Cross branches, while for the growing and growing roses, the cutting of 1/3 of the whole plant can be done. For the weak growing plants, about 2/3 of the whole plant was cut, only 3-4 strong main branches were left.

8. To turn the basin, it is better to turn the basin once every 1-2 years to remove 2 / 3 of the old soil and replace it with loose and rich organic rich soil. It is usually carried out during the spring germination period. With the help of turning the basin, the disease and insect branches, dead branches, intersecting thin and weak branches and long roots are cut off, and a large part of the old roots that are too dense are removed, so as to promote the germination of new roots and make them grow more in the next growing season Exuberant.

Notes on raising rose

Finally, we should pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of rose. The main diseases of rose are powdery mildew, gray mildew, black spot, and leaf blight. Of course, scientific breeding is the best control method. For the black spot, it can be sprayed with carbendazim, dacronin, methyltobuzin and other drugs. For powdery mildew, the best is to spray Carbendazim and Triazolone in the onset stage. The best way to control the disease is to be diligent in clearing the dead and losing leaves. Before germination, spray bauminous stone sulfur mixture, spray 70% methyltobuzine 800 times solution every half month after germination, and spray it 3-4 times continuously.

Rose how to raise, now we should all understand, rose flower adaptability is very strong, is also very good to feed, we usually on it with a little snack can raise rose very well, although the rose is very good to raise, but we should pay more attention to some common sense of flower cultivation, often water, especially the rose pests, to be able to and The removal of the.