How to repair the hair dryer?

I believe that many beautiful women should be familiar with hair dryer. Whether it's in a hair salon or at home, you can see it. A woman has an electric hair dryer, which is something to do. Hair dryers can help you dry your hair after people wash their heads, and you can also avoid cold. Many people often have long hair after washing their heads, but at this time, they want to go out. It's easy to catch a cold.

Hair dryer maintenance

Many people think it's OK to look like this this this summer. In fact, it will also have problems. So it's very convenient to have a hair dryer. Basically, you can blow dry your hair in a few minutes. But hair dryers may also want to be lazy. That's when it's bad. How should the hair dryer be repaired.

Hair dryer as an essential small household appliances, it is easy to use, almost every day to use. So, in daily use, how should we maintain it to increase its service life?

Method / step

Usually, the dust stuck on the hair dryer should be removed frequently, and the shell should be wiped with a wet cloth to prevent blocking the air duct and damaging the components. Never use organic solvents such as gasoline. After wiping, it must be placed in a cool place to dry before use.

Attention must be paid to moisture, heavy pressure, collision and dust when the hair dryer is stored. When it is not used for a long time, it should be electrified 1-2 times a month, 5 minutes each time, and its own heat should be used to drive away moisture, so that the motor will not be damaged.

Take a look at the connection between the handle of the hair dryer and the power line, because it is often twisted here, it is very easy to cause the rubber to break or even the circuit to be twisted, resulting in the failure of the electric circuit of the hair dryer.

Open the hair dryer shell and check whether the fan is entangled by hair and other impurities. If the above simple method can not make the hair dryer re rotation, it should be sent to professional maintenance personnel for treatment.

When we use a hair dryer. You should pay attention to some things when using it. Don't get too close to your hair. Don't blow in one place for a long time. Moreover, if you don't rush out of the house in a hurry, you can let it dry naturally. If you blow your hair with an electric hair dryer, the hair will still have some damage.