How to use the air conditioner fan?

In the hot summer, air conditioner and electric fan are the best choice, which is very helpful to relieve the heat. There are different ways to use air conditioner and electric fan, and there is also a big difference in power consumption. Therefore, when choosing, it is also necessary to have a good understanding, so that when choosing, some can rest assured. How about the air conditioning fan What's the use?

Many people are not very clear about how to use the air conditioner fan. When choosing it, we need to understand it first, so that it can be used correctly, so that there will be no harm to your health, so you can choose it at ease.

How to use the air conditioner fan:

1. Place horizontally. The air conditioner fan should be placed horizontally, and attention should be paid not to tilt when using. Before using, check whether the socket power supply is consistent with the parameters on the fan nameplate.

2. Add water frequently. The water level can be observed through the water mark to control the amount of water added. Before adding water, the power plug should be pulled out to prevent damage to the electrical components. The water level to be filled should be raised to the "highest" position, and should not be overfilled; After filling the water, close the door. When using for refrigeration, pay attention to observe the water mark. When the water level drops to the "lowest" position, add water, otherwise the refrigeration effect will be lost.

3. Freeze ice crystals. Usually, the air conditioner fan is equipped with two ice crystals, which can be replaced to keep the air conditioner in continuous use. One can be frozen in the refrigerator every night, and the other can be used. The effect is better and more convenient.

4. Humidify properly. In order to use refrigeration humidification and air supply, the water tank must be filled with water first. After 1-3 minutes of operation, the outlet air temperature will decrease from the ambient temperature and achieve the best effect. If conditions permit, add cold water or ice water to lower the temperature. If the right amount of spices is added to the water, the blowing out will be a burst of fragrant and cool breeze, which makes people feel relaxed and comfortable in the hot summer. Press the refrigeration and humidification function, and the indicator light will be on to start the humidification function. If the humidification function is cancelled, press this key again, the indicator light will be off and the humidification function will stop.

Through the above introduction, how to use the air conditioning fan can be carried out according to the above methods when using it, so that there will be no problem when using it. However, before selecting it, the use instructions of the fan need to be well understood.