Never use the microwave oven like this!

Never use the microwave oven like this!

1. Meat and poultry that have been thawed in microwave oven should not be frozen again. Due to thawing in the microwave oven, the outer layer has actually been heated at a low temperature. At this low temperature, the bacteria may have multiplied to a dangerous number. Although refreezing can stop reproduction, it cannot kill living bacteria. Therefore, the meat that has been thawed in the microwave oven must be heated until it is fully cooked. If it is not eaten, it should be put into the refrigerator.

2. Do not preheat the meat until it is half hot. Leave it to microwave for later cooking. Although this can shorten the cooking time before cooking, the bacteria in the semi cooked food are not killed, even if put into the refrigerator, the bacteria will still grow. The second time the microwave oven heating, because the time is too short, may not be able to kill all bacteria, and eat bad stomach. Therefore, if busy family chefs want to save cooking time, they should still cook the meat, put it in shallow containers, or pack it in plastic bags of frozen food, and then thaw it in the refrigerator or microwave oven before heating.

3. According to the U.S. Department of agriculture, people often thaw or heat leftovers in the microwave oven, and then forget that they leave it for hours. If you forget to take it out for more than three hours, you'd better discard it and don't eat it to avoid food poisoning.

Be careful that plastic containers release toxins at high temperatures

1. Food and Drug Administration and consumer advocacy groups have warned against the release of toxins from clear plastic kitchen paper into the microwave oven. Although no one has been poisoned, the possibility of poisoning still exists. In 1987, a British experiment found that DEHA, a chemical in plastic paper, had penetrated into food when heated in a microwave oven. DEHA seeps more into high fat foods, because oils can be very hot in the microwave oven.

2. Do not use ordinary plastic containers into the microwave oven heating. Although the plastic itself is not heated, hot food can make the container very hot. These plastic containers may release toxins and contaminate food at high temperatures.