Often let the cat misunderstand a few actions, turn the belly to you, do not want you to touch

Now pet owners need to master a lot of skills in raising cats. Because pet owners regard cats as their friends, they should learn to get along with cats. With cats, pet owners always spend more time looking after them. But what pet owners don't understand is why they treat cats so well, but they don't appreciate it at all. Because the cat is actually very sensitive, although the pet owner is good to it, but some actions let it have a misunderstanding. These movements, very let the cat fear and sad.

Pinch the back of his neck

When I see a lot of cats carrying their children, they just want to hold their back neck. In this way, the kitten will not move, looking very cute. Pet owners sometimes tease cats and like to lift kittens like this. The cat will stare at the pet owner, making people feel cute. But it's very unfriendly for cats. And most of the pet owners are not gentle, rude behavior makes the cat feel very uncomfortable. So don't tease the cat like this, it's easy to hurt it.

Touch its eggs

If there is a male cat at home, I believe that pet owners have done such a thing. That is to feel the cat's eggs curiously and see what it looks like. Although the cat's eggs are also very cute, but in addition to estrus, pet owners had better not touch it. Because once you touch a cat's egg, it will make it unhappy. Of course, cats in estrus don't care so much. Pet owners should not be so curious when facing cats. Also do not touch casually, in case of accidentally infected with bacteria, it is not good.

Don't give it delicious food

There are so many pet owners who like to joke. Their cats can't eat too many snacks, but they always eat delicious food in front of the cats. The key is that every time the cat comes to beg for it, take a snack in front of the cat and go back to its mouth. The cat's expectant eyes suddenly fail, and in the long run, it will produce negative emotions. In the future, it will be very difficult for pet owners to train their cats. In the cat's eyes, pet owners have lost their credit. They no longer believe in their pet owners and are less obedient.

Don't even look at it when you go out

Every morning, the pet owner goes out in a hurry. I don't know if he touches the cat's head when he closes the door. If not, then the cat must be very sad and lost. If you don't even have a look at it, I believe the cat will soon cry. Cats lie on the balcony waiting for their owners every day, because they miss their pet owners very much. If pet owners ignore them when they go out, how can cats be happy.

Stupid cat Slave: five common misunderstandings about cats. Don't you want you to touch them?

As a cat slave, do you think you know the master very well? But in fact, a cat's heart is like a needle in the ocean. Many of the things you take for granted will make you feel unreasonable in the cat's eyes. The following five questions are common sense misunderstandings of cat slaves. Are you one of them?

1. Isn't cat flipping?

Do you have a similar experience? When touching the cat, it always shows a very enjoyable appearance, and even suddenly turn its stomach to the sky. At this time, you must think that the cat wants to gently rub its stomach. However, as soon as he started, the cat attacked fiercely. The cat slave's face was blank, and he didn't know what he had done wrong.

It turns out that when a cat is touched by you, it suddenly turns out to show you that it may just want to express its trust in you, rather than ask you to touch its belly. Another meaning is that it has been touched enough. To put away the touched place is to ask you to stop. And turn over the action, in fact, is the cat attack preparation action, we do not misunderstand!

2. Is the cat happy to wag its tail?

Maybe you think that a cat, like a dog, is happy to wag its tail. But in fact, it depends on how fast the cat wags its tail. If the tail wags fast, it means that it is in a bad mood, or impatient and angry. It is better to let the cat calm down and leave it alone. But if you see the cat's tail standing up to you, it doesn't mean to attack, it means to find you to play!

3. The cat and I look at each other affectionately, it must like me very much?

Keep in mind that cats' ancestors are great hunters, so they don't like to be watched. When you've been looking straight into the cat's eyes for a long time, it's a provocation. Constant staring into the cat's eyes can also put pressure on it, so it will soon be out of your sight. If you notice that it starts to squint, it's a sign that it wants to attack!

4. Is the cat cute with its head tilted?

When you see a cat with its head tilted, you will find it very cute. But you should know that the cat does not know how to sell cute cute clothes. With its head tilted, it is actually confused and wants to see the situation from another angle. Maybe you suddenly put on your hat, which makes it puzzled, so try to look at you with your head tilted to see if the situation has improved.

5. The cat buries sand next to the food because it thinks the food stinks like poop?

Sometimes you can see that the cat will make a similar action of burying sand, but don't misunderstand the cat thinks that the food is as smelly as feces and should be hidden with cat litter. In fact, it means that the cat doesn't feel hungry yet and wants to hide the food before eating it later.

Have you ever met the above strange cat behaviors? It's because cats can't talk, that's why we have so many misunderstandings about cats. But as a slave, I believe you will try to find relevant information in online books to understand the psychology of the master and son, and be a competent cat slave.