Recommended pet dog for girls

Female friends are the main group of pet dogs. When we walk in the streets, we see that there are more female friends and fewer men. Girls keep more pet dogs or small dogs, small toy dogs are more suitable for girls to raise, after all, girls' strength is small, big dogs are stubborn and can't be pulled, if you are big sister Zhuang, you can also raise large dogs. However, generally speaking, it is better for girls to keep small toy pet dogs. If they often go out and need to be escorted, then female friends need to choose big, good tempered and obedient dogs. Here is to recommend a few suitable for girls to keep a few pet dogs.

Nowadays, there are more and more women who like to keep pets. Among them, dogs are the most popular among women. Here, we recommend the following pet dogs to be adopted by suitable women.

1. Poodle

Poodle is the most suitable pet dog for girls. There are various types of poodle, no matter toy or giant. It is an excellent pet dog and popular breed. Poodles have high intelligence quotient, lively and lovely personality. They like to play with their parents. They need time to take care of them. They need regular beauty and time to accompany them. They are not suitable to stay at home alone for a long time.

2. Pomeranian

Bomi dogs are also popular small pet dogs. They are fluffy like fur balls. They are thick and long without covering. They can be trimmed out with various beautiful and lovely shapes. The dogs we like especially like are suitable for girls. They will be attracted by their lovely and intelligent personality and like them.

3. Chihuahua

Chihuahua is a very small dog. It is one of the smallest dogs in the world. It is also a popular toy dog for girls. Chihuahua has a long history, small size, quick action, elegant, alert, is a particularly popular dog, at present domestic breeding more. Chihuahua dogs are rich in colors, including long hair and short hair. There are also many colors, such as cream, red, brown and black with yellowish brown. There are more choices for colors.

4. Butterfly dog

Butterfly dog is a more personalized dog, a pair of butterfly like ears, attracted everyone's attention, they are lively and happy, infected with their owners, small size, suitable for modern apartment breeding, especially suitable for girls to raise small dog breeds, breeding is relatively simple, easy to manage, is currently more popular dog breeds in China.

5. Silver fox dog

The silver fox dog is also a girl friend's favorite dog, they give people the feeling is beautiful, a white coat, care of the face shape, raised Shuanger, how to see is a white silver fox, this is why they got their name, in fact, their scientific name is Japanese sharp mouth, silver fox dog, fox dog is also the name we like to call. Silver fox dog life only recognize a master, so say, want to raise silver fox dog lady friend should be ready to choose, not suitable to raise and send people.

6. Husky

Husky is a kind of silly dog. They are also the dogs that many women like to keep. They are medium-sized dogs. They are especially popular and not aggressive. They are silly and attract many girls to raise them. They always bring a lot of happiness. However, if you want to raise them, you will not know the dogs going home when you go out. They are also called "let go". Girls will take them with them When you go out, you should pay attention to your loss.

7. Samoye

At present, Samoye dogs are very popular. They are not suitable for people to raise white dogs. They are very nice for people, especially for girls.

8. Great Dane

The Great Dane is known as the harmony giant in the dog world. It is symmetrical in shape and never appears clumsy. It claims that the sun god is in the dog. The dog's cool surface hides a gentle heart. He is calm, faithful, affectionate and defensive, but not aggressive. It is necessary to pay attention to sports and give them the necessary space for activities. The Great Dane is still the noble dog in the dog, likes the leisure comfortable day, the dirty, cold dog's nest will make it sad.

9. Golden Retriever

Friendly expression, warm personality, smart, proud. Because he is a kind of hound, his ability in difficult working environment reflects his essential characteristics. His overall surface, balance, gait, and the use of the breed deserve more attention than any one of his bodies alone.