Small and easy to raise dog breed, small pet dog breed recommended

With more and more pet families now, many people just like pets are keen to keep a cute and small pet dog at home to accompany themselves. The kind of small and lovely dog is especially popular among girls. There are many types of pet dogs. Some of them are big and some are small. The common dog categories include large dogs, medium-sized dogs and small dogs. Large dogs such as Caucasus and St. Bernard dogs are strictly restricted in the city.

Large dogs are not allowed to be raised. So many friends who come to keep pets for the first time will be faced with such doubts. What kind of pet dog is not big and easy to keep? The following is to bring you a detailed small pet dog purchasing skills!

Chinese poodle

Chinese poodle, also known as Beijing dog, is an ancient pet dog, from China, is a very popular noble pet. It has a lively nature and some people have fun taming it. This kind of dog likes the home environment and the clean outdoor environment, and its eyes are shining in the light. Adult weight of about 3 to 6 kg, standing body height of 15 to 23 cm, is a relatively common long dog.

Shih Tzu

Xishi dog, also known as lion dog and chrysanthemum dog, originated in China and originated in the 17th century. Originally from Tibet, it was raised as a watchdog in the Lama Temple. Manzhu huri, the God of Lamaism, often carries small dogs that can change into lions. Tibetan Lhasa dogs, which are similar in appearance to lions, are believed to be closely related to poodles. The adult is 20.3-27.9cm in height and 4.08-7.26kg in weight.


Originally from China, pug is charming and elegant. It was officially named "Bago" at the end of the 18th century. It means ghost, lion nose or little monkey in ancient Chinese. It is easy to have the problem of eyelash insertion. It has many wrinkles on the head, easy to entropion of eyelids, and easy to block lacrimal duct. There are two obvious tear marks. Adults are 25-28 cm tall and weigh 6-8 kg.

Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested dog, also known as Chinese hairless dog, half hair dog, Chinese naked dog, Chinese food dog, Chinese royal naked dog, Chinese boat dog, etc., is one of the only several breeds of hairless dog in the world. It may be a small game dog originated in China. It is named Chinese Crested dog because it has a crown hair on its head, which is very similar to the hat of Qing Dynasty officials. Belongs to toy dog, small, general body height does not exceed 33 cm.

Tibetan Spaniel

The Tibetan lion dog is covered with gorgeous long hair, straight and hard, slightly wavy, with black, white, brown, golden yellow and blue gray. It has a narrow skull, moderate rating, black nose, long and dense hair on the head, often covering the eyes and a long beard. The eyes are moderate in size and dark in color. The ears are pendulous and feathered with black terminal hairs. The body length is larger than the body height, the back and waist are horizontal, and the lines are smooth. The forelegs are straight, the hind limbs are muscular, and the limbs are covered with thick long hair. The tail is rolled up to the back and the tail hairs are scattered on one side. The body height is about 25 cm.


Foxhound, also known as British Foxhound, is 58-69 cm tall and weighs 25-34 kg. The female is slightly smaller than the male. Its ancestor is the St. Hubert hound. It was first brought in by the Normans when they invaded England in 1066. In the 1870s, George Washington played an important role in the improvement of foxhounds. He mixed the consolidated foxhounds with the French bloodhounds to produce his own American foxhounds. Later, foxhounds mated with Irish island foxhounds and British hunting dogs, resulting in faster foot range than American foxhounds.

Wells Corgi

Although Welsh Corgi is a small dog, but the character is very stable, no general small dog neurotic, is very suitable for children's Guardian dog. They are brave and alert. They can guard their homes with high vigilance. They are one of the most popular small guard dogs. There are two types of Welsh Corgi: cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Pembroke Corgi is shorter in body, straighter and lighter in leg bone, and better in texture of back hair. But in temperament, Pembroke Corgi appears restless, excitable, and less tame than the cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Cocker dog

Cocker dog, also known as Sandpiper, can be divided into British Cocker dog and American Cocker dog. Its ancestor is spaniel. Originally introduced from Spain, the cocker dogs were used to hunt birds. Then they were brought to the United States to be bred and improved in large numbers. They have become two smaller types of Cocker dogs. With a strong and compact body and a well-defined and delicate head, the body is strong and well proportioned. Its front legs support the shoulders, while the shape of the back is slightly inclined from the shoulder to the muscular hindquarters. They have both speed and endurance when they move. His personality is free and lively, and his temperament is stable, and there is no sign of shyness.

Western highland white stem

The western highland white stem originated in England, originated in the 19th century. A pure white terrier from the highlands of western Scotland. It looks like a fox with a long nose. All Scottish Terriers are said to have been inherited from a common ancestor and then spread throughout the UK, originally used to hunt otters, foxes and mice.

Maltese Dog

Maltese is also known as Maltese, or translated as "mojo angel". It is 20-26 cm tall and weighs 2.5-4 kg. It is the oldest dog breed in Europe. It originated from Martha Island, a British territory in the Mediterranean Sea. Up to now, it has a history of nearly 3000 years. In ancient times, it was favored by ladies with its elegant and elegant posture. In the artworks and art works along the Mediterranean coast, we can often see the vivid artistic image of the Maltese dog.

The Dachshund

Dachshund is a short legged, long bodied hound, which has been developed to sniff, hunt, and hunt badgers and other burrowing animals. Interestingly, although "dachshund" is a German word, it is not commonly used in Germany, which is usually called dackel or teckel. Originated in Germany, now all over the country, in all kinds of dogs is relatively easy to raise, the nature of independence, so it is easy to take care of, the owner's instructions will be quickly understood and followed.


Butterfly dog, also known as the butterfly ear dog, Babylon dog, body height 20 ~ 28 cm, weight 3 ~ 5 kg. Originated in France, originated in the 16th century, is one of the oldest varieties in Europe. After the introduction of the butterfly dog to France, at that time in and out of the French palace and noble door, become the treasure of the rich and noble women. The long hairs on the ears are decorated like dancing butterflies. Butterfly dog enthusiasts in the United States and the United Kingdom are also actively involved in breeding the breed.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a lively, intelligent and muscular dog with heavy bones, smooth coat, compact structure and medium or small size. The expression is alert, curious and interested. The French Bulldog is kind, honest, loyal, persistent and brave. It has a unique taste and is fully expressed in its expression and action. He is kind to children, but also an excellent toy dog with fierce style, strong ability and strong curiosity for new things.

Japanese Spitzbn

The silver fox dog, also known as Japanese silk dog and Japanese sharp billed dog, is native to Japan. Its coat color is pure white, with double coat. It has rich tufts around the neck, chest and tail, which is especially bulky. Big black eyes, erect ears and triangular shape, round and black nose, pointed mouth, round feet, plump hair between toes, tail tufted to the back, fluffy, rich, pure white coat is very beautiful. Adult dogs are 30-38 cm tall and 6.4-10 kg in weight. Their life span is about 12 years.

Bichon frise

Born in the Mediterranean region, the Beagle is a small breed of dog. It is a common pet. It looks like maldis. Will not naturally depilate, so the hair needs to be finished, the color is generally white. Originally known as the Barbie bear dog, it was later reduced to the Beagle dog. It is suspected that it is the descendant of the Babbitt dog and the water hunting fusion dog. The standard Beagle is between 9.5 and 11.5 inches in shoulder height and weighs about 7 kg.


Baume is a German fox dog, native to Germany, with a soft, thick undercoat and thick fur. The base of the tail is very high, and the tail with thick fur curls on the back. He has an alert personality, intelligent expression, light manner and curious nature. It is small and lovely, suitable for companion dogs. The coat colors are white, yellowish, cream, flower, black, red, brown, etc. white and Brown are the majority.