The flowers suitable for growing in January, and the method for growing flowers in January

How to raise flowers in January

1. Sowing

If there is a double-layer plastic shed with good moisture retention performance in the courtyard, the seeds of asparagus, Clivia, Begonia, cyclamen, winter coral, jatropha, gerbera, pansy, calendula, dryland, goldfish, dandelion, etc. can be sown in pots. However, it is required to ensure that the temperature in the shed can meet the minimum temperature requirements for seed germination and seedling growth of different kinds of flowers.

This month, as long as the local old land is not frozen, the woody ornamental plants that can be sown in the courtyard are peony, safflower Camellia oleifera, Aesculus chinensis, Sapindus mukoraiensis, Cinnamomum camphora, Ligustrum lucidum, Ligustrum parvifolia, Elaeagnus Sinica, wisteria, cisterna chinensis, Pyracantha fortunei, Photinia spinulosa, Photinia spinulosa, Osmanthus fragrans, Michelia, Rosa (Elizabeth), rich seed, Ilex, Sapium sebifera, Koelreuteria Etc. Before sowing, a small amount of tea seed cake, tobacco powder or Furadan can be sprinkled in order to prevent underground pests from damaging seed seeds.

2. Cutting

In the simple plastic greenhouse or double-layer plastic greenhouse with good moisture retention performance, the feasible ornamental plant species for cutting are jasmine, Pearl Orchid, geranium, inverted golden bell, Belgium azalea, bougainvillea, umbrella grass, gem flower, jade leaf, bergamot, stone lotus, Epiphyllum, Lingjian lotus, cold water flower, prawn, Trollius, groundbreaking root, longevity flower, longtuzhu, and Hedysarum chinense , rubber tree, Daphne fragrans, hongbeigui, Guangdong evergreen, baxianhua, Zhujiao, Fusang, four season Begonia, Malus japonicus, gray pear (African Jasmine), banyan, Sajin taoye coral, etc.

In this month, the ornamental plant species that can be propagated by cutting in the open field or covered with plastic film in the courtyard include: plum blossom (Gongfen, green calyx, etc.), Hongye plum, Rose (Elizabeth, Fenghua, liana, etc.), Chimonanthus praecox (with heel), Spiraea, yellow poplar, houpixiang, shidagonglao, pomegranate, Yinya willow, luohansong, junyuexue, Jiexiang, hypericum, Jinzhong, Yingchun, spray Snowflake, jasmine, gardenia, Lagerstroemia indica, Ligustrum lucidum, Berberis rubra, etc. The cutting substrate can be either general sandy soil or mixed medium of vermiculite and river sand.

3. Grafting

In southern China, if the indoor temperature can be maintained above 20 ℃, Camellia oleifera or Camellia oleifera can be used as Rootstocks to cut off single bud, peel and stick Camellia Camellia, and add plastic bags to moisturize, so that the survival rate is high; 1-2-year-old seedlings of maple are used as rootstocks, red maple and feather maple are grafted in inflatable bags; annual apricot and plum are used as Rootstocks to cut and propagate plum blossom of excellent varieties Rosa chinensis or Rosa multiflora were used as Rootstocks to propagate fine varieties of rose; in Guangzhou area, lemon was used as Rootstock to cut and propagate four season orange and kumquat from small cold to big cold, with high survival rate.

4. Layering

This month can be low-pressure propagation of ornamental plant species are: Magnolia, camellia, Chimonanthus, plum blossom, broccoli, gardenia, Begonia, Begonia, Xifu Begonia, true cypress, cypress, snow ball, Qionghua, Yingchun, Jinzhong, Baxian, Hydrangea Ma leaf, Spiraea honghuaensis, snowflake, pomegranate, Jiexiang, Hongfeng, Michelia, sijigui, August GUI, French holly, China Grey Limu, etc.

5. Ramets

The species of herbaceous ornamental plants that can be propagated separately in this month are: scallion, Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Ophiopogon japonicus, Hedysarum odoratum, Zanthoxylum japonicum, Cymbidium Cymbidium, golden chrysanthemum, lily of the valley, Oxalis Carthami, Oxalis triangularis, orchid, iris, pineapple, Clivia, tiger tail orchid, money tree, taro, sea taro, thousand hand Guanyin, Anthurium, tortoise Bamboo, guanyinlian, duotou green emperor, etc.

It is worth noting that the ramets of some cold resistant flower species should be carried out in plastic greenhouse with better heat preservation performance to avoid freezing damage. The species of woody ornamental plants that can be divided in this month are: Nandina, hypericum, golden peach leaf coral, hydrangea, broccoli, Spiraea Carthami, snowflake spray, huagria, Mahonia officinalis, brown bamboo, Canary, golden bell, jasmine, gardenia, Purple Magnolia, sisal, Fengwei bamboo, feibai bamboo, French Holly, Bauhinia, Didang, jasmine, Zhulan, etc. It should be noted that the cold resistant species can only be rameted in the greenhouse.