The habit of hurting the dog's body is revealed. It is very harmful for the dog to hold urine

Keeping a pet is a special test of patience. After all, after all, the owner can't throw them away casually after keeping a pet. Pets like cats and dogs can accompany the owner for a long time, so the owner must have good patience. In addition to patience, owners should also develop some good habits when feeding dogs. Unhealthy feeding will only harm them.

Habit 1: indulge the dog to pick up food to eat

Dogs are born to pick up things from the ground to eat, as the saying goes, dogs can't change to eat excrement. Although this is a kind of insulting words to dogs, it also reflects from the side that these little guys like to pick up food from the ground. Pet dogs must not indulge them in this habit. Who can ensure the safety of the things thrown on the road? How can dogs ensure their safety if they eat them casually.

Habit 2: take a bath frequently

Today's pet dogs are not the watchdog dogs that only rely on the owner's leftovers to survive. Now the quality of pet dogs is particularly high, and the owners will take them to bathe them from time to time. The dog is not clean really need to clean, but also absolutely to ensure a frequency, not too often, otherwise it will only let the dog suffer from some dog skin diseases.

Habit 3: irregular feeding

The host eats three meals a day and has a fixed time. If the food is not regular for a long time, it will cause some gastrointestinal problems. Such a law also applies to dogs. In fact, dogs' intestines and stomachs are more vulnerable than their owners. They can't eat a lot of things. So the owner must control the time when feeding the dog and avoid overeating.

Habit 4: less exercise

The owner of a dog must be very diligent, because dogs are naturally a kind of jumping off animals, and most of their daily life is in the process of sports. Therefore, the owner must take his dog out every day for a walk. It is impossible for a lazy man to keep a dog. Dog's exercise is particularly important for them, and long-term laziness can make them not very healthy.

Keeping a dog is a very hard work. If the owner is a cat, he should be relaxed. At least the amount of exercise of the owner will be greatly reduced. Keeping a dog also requires the owner to have enough patience. During the time of keeping a dog, it is necessary to understand some of the dog's living habits, develop enough healthy dog keeping habits, so that the dog can adapt to the current situation, so that these little guys can accompany themselves long enough.

It's not good for the dog to hold urine, and the dog won't hold urine. If the dog doesn't urinate, it may be because it can't urinate or because of other reasons. The dog owner needs to help the dog solve the problem. Here are some common reasons why dogs can't urinate and the corresponding solutions.

In daily life, if the dog drinks less water, it will not urinate, so dog owners should pay attention to drink more water for the dog, usually pay attention to fill the dog's water bowl, and keep the dog thirsty can drink water. If the dog owner is busy at work and has no time, he can prepare an automatic drinking machine for the dog. When the dog is thirsty, he can drink water Like dog owners do not have to worry about dogs will not have water to drink.

When the dog owner usually feeds the dog some salty food or people's food, the dog will not urinate, and if the dog eats for a long time, it is not good for the body, so the dog owner should pay attention to feed the dog some light food as far as possible, and pay attention to feeding the dog more vegetables and fruits.

If the dog's bladder is relatively swollen, it may be that the dog has no way to discharge the urine. The dog owner can try to feed the dog some pet-e-li, which is mixed in the dog's food when feeding, and then pay attention to observe the dog's condition If there is still no way to urinate, it should be taken to the pet hospital for examination and treatment, do not blindly help the dog to solve.

It's better to keep the dog's body balanced when feeding the dog's food.