The strange behavior of a dog is actually an expression of love for its owner

Dog, can be said to be a very lively pet, every dog owner is because of the dog at home, and the depression in the heart is swept away, there is a dog with us, is really a pistachio, at home, they always pay all the enthusiasm, just to make us feel happy, they stick to us all the time, in fact, they are afraid of them There is no company in our life.

However, although the dog is very warm, there are always some behaviors that make us puzzled. Many dog owners say that they are usually good, but they always have some strange behaviors, and they can't change them. Anyway, they are not willing to change them. In fact, these behaviors may be very strange in our human eyes, but in the eyes of dogs, they show their obedience to us and to me Our unreserved love, then let's take a look at what kind of strange behavior it is.

Number one: lick our mouths

I believe many dog owners have such experience. When we sit on the sofa and watch TV programs quietly, our dogs always jump into our arms very excited. We think they are going to get close to us, but the reality is that their teachers come to our mouths and lick our faces and our mouths, which many owners feel It's strange that they are like this.

However, the behavior of licking the mouth in dogs means that the low status people ask the high and low position people friendly, that is to say, dogs at this time mean that we are the boss of them, and are very careful to ask us when to open up. Therefore, once the dogs at home always like to lick our faces and mouths, don't drive them away. In fact, they just mean that they are incomparable They submit to us and think that we are in the highest position. They love us most.

Second: I like to stare at us when we go to the bathroom

Many owners have such experience, that is, the dog at home likes to stare at us when it is convenient. Many owners feel that such behavior is a little strange, and the atmosphere is strange or even embarrassing. However, in the eyes of dogs, it means that they trust and love you. When they go to the toilet, they will be very careful about the surrounding environment, such as If they don't pay attention to their surroundings, they stare at you, which shows that they trust you unconditionally and know that you will protect them. It also shows that you are the most important person for them, and they love you most.

Third: like our shoes

I believe you have seen such a scene, that is, when we go home, dogs are generally biting our shoes, lying on the ground, playing happily. In fact, this is the dog shows that they miss us very much and want to pay more attention to our taste. So if we see our dog biting our shoes next time, we should not Scold them, but touch their heads, let them get rid of our missing.

In fact, dogs are always expressing their love for us, but we are not so keen to detect it. We should know that in this world, for dogs, we are their most important partners, so they always miss us, protect us and love us with all their enthusiasm.

It is the casual practice of every dog owner to project human characteristics and emotions onto dogs. However, some strange behaviors of dogs do not make us understand, so let's take a look at the answers given by dog experts.

1. Why do dogs suddenly "run" in their sleep?

As you may have guessed, they are dreaming. Gary Richter, a general veterinarian and veterinary health expert at, said: please rest assured, it doesn't mean the dog is sick. But interestingly, studies have shown that certain breeds of dogs exhibit the iconic traits of the breed when they dream. For example, a British Spaniel may "rush" or point to its prey in its sleep. However, if the dog's "running" behavior is excessive in sleep, it may reflect potential stress or physical problems.

2. Why do they bark at the window?

Dogs often bark out of the window, for example: couriers come to deliver delivery. But does that just mean the dog hates the courier?

"Barking at people outside is a kind of protective behavior for dogs. They regard the house as their own territory. Anyone close to or close to their territory is a potential threat, so they bark to stop intruders.".

Said Dr. Richter. Every time you come to the courier, your dog barks and the courier leaves. This cycle creates a pattern of repeated reinforcement.

"From the dog's point of view, they are driving away intruders every day to protect their house from invasion. Of course, we don't accept their feelings. "

3. Why do they like to get into stinky stuff?

Dogs have more than 300 million olfactory receptors on their noses, compared with only 6 million in humans. For all of these receptors, we would think that dogs' ultra-high sense of smell keeps them away from odors and pungent odors, such as those of dead animals. But this is like "Stinky perfume" to them. Veterinarian Jennifer L said:

"Dogs tend to think differently about what makes them attractive scents than we humans do. Some people think that the behavior of dogs getting into dead bodies or wallowing in particularly smelly things may be due to masking the dog's smell, which is useful for hunting.

4. Why do they like to eat disgusting things?

Just like smell, dog's taste is very different from ours. We like juicy hamburgers, but dogs think a rotten dead chicken, even vomit, is delicious. Dr. Summerfield, a canine expert, explained:

"Dogs were originally evolved as scavengers, usually eating scraps on the outskirts of human settlements. Even today, dogs in the wild can survive on less than ideal sources of food, such as garbage, crushed animals and other unclean things.

But why don't they get sick when they eat disgusting dead animals or expired food?

"The dog's gastrointestinal tract can deal with bacteria and other pollutants that can cause human illness, and can usually extract some nutrients from 'coarse' substances such as feces or vomit."