What are the benefits of applying plant ash to raise flowers? Tips for proper use of plant ash

The ash from burning firewood is actually a good fertilizer for raising flowers. It can also disinfect and kill insects. Why? Don't you believe it? Today, let's talk about the benefits of plant ash on the cultivation of flowers. It's a good fertilizer without spending money.

Plant ash is the ash after burning dead branches of plants. The trace elements in plants are very comprehensive and will not be lost after burning. Therefore, it is used to raise flowers, which has the meaning of falling leaves and returning to roots.

1. Fertilization

Plant ash contains more potassium fertilizer, which can be used as potassium fertilizer. The role of potassium fertilizer is to promote the growth of plant root system, make the root system robust, stem robust, vigorous growth, strong plant resistance, disease resistance, we can spread it in the flowerpot or mixed in the soil.

2. Heat preservation Basin

In winter, the temperature is very low, many flowers enter the dormancy period, so we can sprinkle a layer of plant ash on the flowerpots, which can keep the soil warm, improve the ability of cold resistance, supplement nutrients, prevent the flowers from falling leaves, accumulate more vitality, and blossom vigorously next year. Before, many farmers burned a lot of straw in the field in autumn, which can increase the nutrition of the field. However, in recent years, due to the serious pollution Straw burning is no longer allowed.

3. Regulating soil pH

Plant ash is alkaline. If the soil is too acidic, it can be neutralized with acid soil, which can effectively improve the pH value of plant soil. Only weak acid soil can be justified for plant growth.

4. Insecticidal

Using plant ash to soak water and spray flowers with aphids can achieve unexpected results, because there are many fine particles in the plant ash water. Aphids are self-sucking mouthparts, which can block the pores of aphids and kill insects.

5. Disinfection

If flowers have rotten roots and rotten stems, the rotten place can be removed, and a layer of plant ash can be sprinkled on the wound to prevent infection of bacteria and play the role of disinfection.

Plant ash contains a lot of trace elements, of which potassium is the most. According to the data, it can reach about 6% - 12%, followed by phosphorus, which contains about 1.5% - 3%. Other elements will not be mentioned here, that is to say, plant ash is a kind of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. We know that potassium fertilizer can promote the growth of crops, thick and hard stems, enhance the resistance to diseases and insect pests and lodging; promote the formation of sugar and starch; phosphate fertilizer can promote the development of crop roots, enhance the cold resistance and drought resistance; promote the early maturity of crops, increase the number of ears and grains, and plump grains.

Plant ash is indeed an economic organic fertilizer, so how to use it correctly?

In fact, it is not so complicated. I see that it is said that it must be used after being decomposed. In fact, there is no basis for this. At least the editors see that in rural areas, they are not used after being decomposed, and they are all used directly.

Scene 1: when planting potatoes, the cut potato pieces will be mixed in the plant ash to prevent bleeding. Because the potato is a whole potato cut into several bud points, there are wounds, so here is the use of plant ash to prevent bleeding. If the next time Huayou performs a major operation on flowers and plants, you can also disinfect and sterilize with plant ash to prevent bleeding.

Scene 2: plant ash is directly sprinkled on the surface of the ground. Because most of the fertilizer effect in the ash is dissolved in water, it is generally necessary to water the ash (no watering is allowed, wait for natural rain), otherwise it is easy to be blown away by the wind.

So for us to grow flowers, how to use plant ash?

Plant ash will be sprinkled on the surface of the flowerpot, and then watering, can also be buried in the pot, can be. As for how much to say, it doesn't matter. I don't think any flower friends will plant flowers directly with plant ash. At least it's OK. It doesn't matter if there's more or less.

Can plant ash burn root directly

As long as you don't plant flowers directly with plant ash, but bury them in flowerpots or sprinkle them on the surface of flowerpots, you won't burn roots unless you use them too much.