What are the common edible plants for cats?

As a cat, the role of cat grass must be clear, but keeping pets also needs to keep pace with the times. Just knowing that cat grass can help a cat spit out the cat's hair in his belly is not good. As a qualified cat, you must know all these things about cat grass, otherwise the little cat will have to suffer a lot when following the cat. Don't know the cat, quickly take a small notebook to write down.

Common cat food plants

1. Potted cat grass: not all weeds contain folic acid, such as wheat grass, oats, barley and so on. In addition, there is a kind of grass on the market, nicknamed "cat's salad", which also contains folic acid.

2. Polygonum mutabilis: whether sniffing, licking or tasting the taste of Polygonum mutabilis, most cats will immediately present an excited state, drooling and rolling on the ground, which is somewhat similar to the state of oestrus or arrogance. Polygonum mutabilis, a plant with some micro drug efficacy, can only be planted in cold belt and high latitude countries such as Japan and South Korea. Japanese regard it as It's a healthy food. It's used to add to food as a seasoning to nourish vitality. Therefore, if a cat smells Polygonum mutabilis, it will be invigorated and become more active. Other similar cat grasses, such as camphor grass and Houttuynia cordata, have the same effect.

3. Cat Mint: now on the market, a kind of cat Mint grass, which is called magic cat grass, is very popular in the market. Many cats like to eat it. This kind of mint plant contains cat menthol lactone, which can make about two-thirds of cats effective. It is similar to Polygonum mutabilis and other cat grasses. Its powerful cat grass can also promote the digestion of cats and help cats eliminate the body's internal Hairball.

Guys who eat indoor plants

Cats can be enemies of indoor plants. It may chew off leaves and flowers, dig up the soil, and use flowerpots as toilets. There are two ways: prepare a pot of grass for cats, or spray diluted lemon juice on indoor plants, because cats hate lemon juice. In order not to let the cat gouge out the plant, can cover a shallow net on the soil.

Problem: if a cat is locked indoors and has no access to plants, it may bite your plants.

Method: in order not to let the cat bite the indoor plants, often sprinkle some diluted lemon juice on the leaves. Cats hate lemon juice. (pet baby).

1. Effect of cat grass

The main function of cat grass is to help the cat vomit out the hair inside the belly, which is the least known of cat grass. But what the cat doesn't know is that cat grass can also help kittens carry out intestinal movement, improve the cat's digestive capacity, and can also provide cats with nutrients that meat food can't provide. The most important is the emetic effect of cat grass, and it can also save lives when eating something bad.

Vomit the hair ball: the cat licks the fur to clean up every day, the hair will swallow into the stomach, a small amount will discharge or spit out by itself, but if the amount is more, the sharp part of the cat grass can help the cat spit out the fur ball and reduce the accumulation of the hair ball.

Plant fiber: in the meal or after eating cat grass, help digestion and conditioning gastrointestinal health.

Cleaning teeth: wheatgrass can clean cat's teeth.

Vitamins: many meats do not have plant vitamins, such as vitamin C or other minerals and cyanidin.

When the gastrointestinal function is not good: such as inflammation, flatulence, etc., cat grass can induce vomiting or help discharge the food in the stomach and alleviate the symptoms of discomfort.

Stress relief: as long as life will have pressure, plants are the most stress relieving food. When the pressure is high, eating more fruits and vegetables is good for the human body, as well as for cats.

2. Cat grass planting

Cat grass is best for the cat to grow, because only fresh cat grass for the kitten is the most delicious. When cats grow their own plants at home, they can first soak the seeds for about five hours. After sufficient soaking, they can put the cat grass in a suitable container. Generally, the cat grass can be eaten after seven days. Before that, the cat must protect the cat grass at home.

3. Don't be greedy

Cat grass is a necessity for the cat, but many cats don't have too much infatuation for this kind of thing, but there are always some different kinds in the cat, and they can't help eating cat grass. At this time, cats must properly control their food intake and not allow cats to eat too much. Cats are not really omnivorous animals, and eating too much grass will make them uncomfortable.

4. Species of cat grass

Cat grass is actually a more general statement. The so-called cat grass is actually the buds of some plants. The most common ones are barley and oats. Many cats don't like this kind of thing when they are just exposed to cat grass. When the cat finds out these conflicting behaviors of kittens, they don't let them change to another kind of cat grass, except barley and oats, rice The shoots of grass and dog tail grass are all OK.

It is self-evident that cat grass has a great effect on cats. Cats always use their tongue to clean up their bodies. This is a sign that cats love to be clean, and it is also the reason why these little guys are easy to get sick. Because their hair is very loose, and there are barbs on the tongue, the hair is easy to tear off, and then with the cat swallowing into the stomach, cat grass is indispensable for cats.