What are the hazards of electric ceramic furnace?

Many friends know what the induction cooker is, but few people use the electric ceramic stove. In fact, the electric ceramic stove is a heating tool that has only appeared in recent two years. Its function is quite different from that of the induction cooker. For example, it can be used for barbecue and slow stew. The most important thing is that it can also be used as a heating furnace in winter. This is the induction cooker It can't be compared.

However, the electric ceramic stove is also a kind of household appliances, and also uses electric energy to heat. Therefore, many friends will worry about its harm to human body when using it, especially when it is used as a heating tool. Is the harm greater? The specific hazards of electric ceramic furnace are as follows:

1. Obviously

Most of the hazards of the electric ceramic furnace are reflected in the impact on the surface and inner layer of the skin. In common cases, it will not only make the skin temperature higher, but also expand the skin capillary. At the same time, as more moisture in the skin is evaporated, it is easy to cause skin dryness. In serious cases, in addition to skin aging, skin position will also start to grow small red spots, so, dry and sensitive skin women should not use the electric stove.

2. Secondly

Some women prefer to barbecue food with an electric pottery stove outdoors. However, under the influence of outdoor sunlight, the infrared rays emitted by the electric pottery stove and ultraviolet rays in the sunlight will pose greater harm to health. First of all, it will cause skin related diseases, including allergy and redness. At the same time, the skin will also have dark pigmentation, which is directly reflected as the symptoms of sunburn. After aggravating the situation, there may also be a risk of skin cancer. Although the probability is small, in order to avoid this phenomenon, it is better for women not to use the product in outdoor sunny environment.

3. In addition

It is suggested that women should not be too close to the electric pottery stove, let alone put their faces close to each other. Because infrared ray has certain influence on vision, it is better for women with myopia to use a longer spoon, and then they can operate the electric cooker at a greater distance. However, if possible, it is recommended to cook food in water, and then they can leave This position.

These are the hazards of electric ceramic furnace, so it can be seen that it is better to use less electric ceramic furnace, especially for pregnant women. It is better not to use electric ceramic furnace to avoid it affecting your fetus. If it is necessary to use it, it is recommended not to use it for more than half an hour. I hope you can pay attention to it.