What do you need to pay attention to when cleaning the computer keyboard?

We can't use a computer without a keyboard. But the computer keyboard in the use of a long time, the interior is easy to accumulate a lot of dust, so that the internal will accumulate a lot of bacteria. Therefore, some people said that the computer keyboard is one of the dirtiest hardware of the computer, which is easy to cause potential risks to the health of computer users. So what if the keyboard is dirty? The following article will share with you how to clean the keyboard method, omni-directional cleaning keyboard internal dead corner.

First of all, use a screwdriver to loosen the screws on the back of the keyboard, put the keyboard face up on the table, and then gently open the panel, we will see a pile of small rubber pads, see it, you will understand why each key has elasticity. Then, take out these small pads and wipe them clean. Then put the keyboard panel in the warm water with detergent at home for a while and then scrub it. Finally, brush all directions with a soft brush, and the panel will be clean. And the circuit board is not too dirty, wipe clean with a clean soft cloth.

After cleaning, let the cleaned keyboard dry for several hours or blow dry with an electric hair dryer, and then install the keyboard as it is. When installing, you should first put the panel down on the table, pad both sides with books, and then put the small rubber pads into the buttons one by one, then put the circuit board and the bottom panel, and finally screw on, and then you are done.

What do you need to pay attention to when cleaning the computer keyboard

When using a computer, we naturally touch the keyboard directly with our fingers. If we do not clean the keyboard for a long time, it is not only easy to accumulate a lot of dust and bacteria on the keyboard, but also may cause the body to become sick because of too many bacteria on the hands. Therefore, the keyboard is to be cleaned regularly, the following is to introduce the simple steps of cleaning and the matters needing attention.

1. Open the circuit board. The circuit board is generally made of soft plastic film, which is engraved with key line. The circuit board is gently scrubbed twice with alcohol cotton. For the circuit of key failure part, it is necessary to wipe several times.

2. Open the keyboard. Note that when you open the keyboard, make sure that the buttons face down and the circuit board is up, otherwise the conductive plastic on each key will fall off one after another, which will bring trouble to your repair.

3. Remove dirt from the corners of the keyboard. Tools can be used brush, small brush, etc., but pay attention to the action to be gentle.

4. Check the conductive plastic in the failure part of the key. If there is a lot of dirt on the upper surface, use alcohol to scrub it. If the conductive plastic is damaged, it is recommended to replace the conductive plastic on the unused key with the damaged part, and the button can be used temporarily.

5. Check whether the welding module has false soldering or desoldering. If you can use an electric soldering iron, repair welding can be carried out. After the alcohol evaporates, you can install the keyboard.