What is the variety of crown grass? How to cultivate crown grass?

Crown grass is one of the most popular submerged foliage plants of Alismataceae. It has tufted green leaves with varied colors. The leaves have long lanceolate, oval, long oval and heart-shaped. It can be used to make all kinds of aquarium and simulated landscape.

What is the variety of crown grass?

① Crown grass

Also known as Amazon crown grass, native to Brazil. Perennial tufted herbs. It has creeping rhizome, plant height 30 ~ 50 cm, leaves are mostly lotus shaped, floating leaves are long lanceolate, flesh thick and hard, petiole long, submerged leaves long lanceolate, 30 ~ 40 cm long, 2 ~ 3 cm wide, soft leaves, dark green, small flowers, white.

② Corolla grandiflora

Native to South America, perennial tufted herb with elliptic leaves, round or heart-shaped base, entire, obvious main veins, leathery and hard.

③ Green crown

Also known as dull crown grass, round crown. Native to Brazil, perennial tufted herb. The leaves are basal. The leaves are elliptic or ovate in length and 3-8 cm in width. The leathers are hard. The leaf surface is wavy and dark green. The longitudinal veins extend to the leaf tip and have petioles.

④ Crown grass

Also known as nine crown grass, curled crown. Native to South America, perennial tufted herb. Plant height 20 cm, floating leaves narrow lanceolate, edge wavy, 20 ~ 30 cm long, 2.5 ~ 3 cm wide, yellow green, submerged leaves slightly long, soft, thin and curly, translucent, green. The flower stem is as high as 70 cm, the flower is white, the pistil is yellow.

⑤ Crotalaria ovata

It is native to South America. Perennial tufted herbs, leaves long and wide ovate, entire, veins obvious, leaf margin undulate, green.

⑥ Osiris crown

It is also called red egg leaf, and it is also called sword grass. Native to Brazil, it is a perennial tufted herb with plant height of 30cm, long elliptic or linear elliptic leaves, yellow green leaves, obvious veins, wavy leaf margin, green new leaves, with red halo, green petioles.

⑦ Schlutt crown grass

Also known as tiger leaf, native to Central America. Perennial tufted herbs. Leaves ovate, entire, midrib obvious, leaf surface green, purple red spots. Among them, the red spot crown grass variety, the leaf green has the red spot.

How to cultivate crown grass?

Crown grassland is produced in the Amazon River Basin of Brazil in South America. Like warm, sunny environment. In aquarium cultivation, 10 cm coarse gravel was laid under the bed, and a small amount of 1 square centimeter rotten cake fertilizer was added as base fertilizer. After the seedlings were planted, the water temperature was maintained at 22 ~ 26 ℃, not lower than 18 ℃ in winter, not more than 30 ℃ in summer, and the illumination was 1000 lux, and the water pH was 5.5 ~ 6.5. The growth recovered quickly. The light should be strong in the early stage of cultivation, and moderate light is better in the growth period. In the growth period, there are yellow leaves and dense leaves, which should be thinned in time.

Crown grass is fond of fertilizer. Inject 3-4 drops of "shalai" hydrophyte liquid fertilizer into the water every 2-3 days, and change water regularly to keep the water clean. Yellow leaf rot and algae damage caused by low temperature and insufficient light should be prevented.

Crown grass is usually divided and sowed for propagation. In the growing period, the adventitious buds on the stolon or flower stem of the mother plant are cut off and planted directly. In spring, the water temperature is 20 ~ 25 ℃, the seeds are sown on the mud surface, the seedlings are born in 15 days, and 3 ~ 4 leaves are transplanted.

There are many kinds of crown grass with bright colors, which are suitable for aquarium arrangement. Crown grass with higher plant height and larger leaves should be arranged in the background with flat crown grass, wide leaf or egg leaf crown grass. However, the plants are short, such as weak crown grass, schlutt crown grass and four vein crown grass for foreground arrangement. Most other species are suitable for medium view.

Schlutte crown grass, red butterfly grass, red kelp, dwarf pearl, Moshi, etc. are arranged to raise 3-4 red seal fish. The box view is simple and clear, with natural pure feeling. The scenery is composed of crown grass and water sieve, foxtail grass, willow, red leaf bottom, large leek, short pearl and antler moss. It has clear levels and rich contents. 5-6 red cherry lantern fish or red lotus lantern fish are used for fun. It is a beautiful South American landscape painting.