What to do if your room is short of water? Choose a humidifier that suits you

The north also ushered in a cold winter. The friends living in the North should have been continuously supplied with heating. We may all feel some problems. We always feel thirsty when we go home at night, but we can't see the effect after drinking water. We often have itchy throat when we sleep at night, and we will be awakened by cough in the middle of the night. Friends with rhinitis are even more miserable. They get up in the nose in the morning A thick layer of secretion. All these phenomena show that your room is short of water.

At this time, many people will choose to use humidifier, so that the indoor air is moist, but there will also be a cold, cough. Baby's body is more sensitive, for the humidifier directly related to the respiratory tract, the reaction will be relatively large, may cause respiratory problems. Most of the places where the humidifier is used are less than 20 square meters of rooms. Some mold in the air enters the respiratory tract, causing a series of respiratory discomfort.

Everybody knows it's bad to be too dry, but do you know? Too much air humidity is also easy to pneumonia! The experiment shows that when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the bacteria breed fastest. If the humidifier is used in a relatively small sealed space for a long time, the local humidity will be too high.

Especially the baby, in the high humidity environment, will feel the mouth, nose and respiratory tract discomfort, serious will also induce asthma, pneumonia and other diseases, the most favorable environment humidity for the baby is 40% - 60%, families with babies need to buy an indoor thermometer, as long as the humidity is maintained within the normal range, you can turn off the humidifier.

In addition to being too wet, another problem is that the humidifier is too dirty. Some families buy humidifiers with large water tanks. Who can use them for a long time after filling them up and wait until the water is gone. Some people feel that the humidifier is not dirty, so they seldom clean them thoroughly. These are all wrong, the water in the humidifier tank does not flow, and there will be a large number of mold breeding in the dead water. If not replaced or cleaned in time, the bacteria will pull more and more, and will spread to the air through the humidifier. In such a large concentration of bacteria, the baby can not get sick!

Therefore, the water in the humidifier needs to be replaced every day. Cleaning and disinfection should be done at least once a week. Cleaning is not just about washing with a water tank, but also with the grooves on the base of the humidifier. There are also bacteria, which are not easy to find.

At the same time, do not add anything to the humidifier. No matter whether it is coarse, Radix Isatidis, only perfume, fungicide or toilet water, it is not recommended to use it in the humidifier. Because some drugs or essential oil components, if inhaled into the lungs, easily lead to rhinitis or asthma, or even more serious consequences. It is better to use pure water for household humidifier. Because of the calcium and magnesium contained in tap water, white powder will be produced in the humidifier, which will pollute the air in the room.

It is not safe to use a lot of moisture in the respiratory tract, because it is not safe to use the humidifier near the airway.

Experts remind users to pay attention to the following points when using:

1. Patients with arthritis and diabetes should use air humidifier carefully. Moist air will aggravate the condition of arthritis and diabetes, so it is generally not recommended for such patients. If such patients really need to use humidifier to reduce the occurrence of some respiratory complications, we should discuss with the specialist to determine the appropriate humidity to stabilize the condition of the primary disease.

2. Clean the humidifier regularly according to the instructions. If the humidifier itself is not sanitary, bacteria will float in the air with water vapor, which will also cause harm to human health.

3. Do not add tap water directly into the humidifier. Because tap water contains a variety of minerals, it will damage the evaporator of the humidifier, and the water alkali contained will also affect its service life. Chlorine atoms and microorganisms in tap water may blow into the air with water mist and cause pollution. If the hardness of tap water is high, the water mist emitted by the humidifier contains calcium and magnesium ions, which will produce white powder and pollute the indoor air.

4. Adjust the humidity of the humidifier according to the weather and indoor and outdoor temperature at any time. It is understood that many patients only adjust the humidity when they just buy the air humidifier, and rarely adjust it after use. In this way, the function of humidifier will be greatly reduced. Once the weather rains and the indoor and outdoor humidity rises, the humidity of the humidifier is still not adjusted down, which will increase the humidity invisibly. Even if people feel sticky and uncomfortable, it is not conducive to human health for a long time. If the weather becomes too dry, and the humidity of the humidifier is not adjusted higher, the function of the humidifier is weakened.

Daily maintenance of humidifier

1. Ultrasonic humidifier uses pure water for humidification, because the water quality in many areas is relatively hard, that is to say, the content of calcium and magnesium ions is high. In addition, bleaching powder and other water purification agents are used in water treatment in the water plant. These ingredients are very unfavorable for humidifier humidification. Some calcium and magnesium ions are ejected together with water mist and disperse on the surface of the object and on the ground. After drying, they form "white powder" scale A part of the precipitate on the surface of the energy exchange plate and the water tank forms solid scale, which is caused by the impure water quality. Moreover, the scaling on the surface of the energy exchange plate will affect the humidification effect. Even if it is not cleaned in time, it will lead to the load increase of the energy exchange plate and the electronic components.

2. The water tank will not be stored for a long time, so the water quality will not be changed for a long time.

3. do not add inferior additives (such as perfume) in the water tank, which will easily cause cracks on the water tank and the base of the water tank, which will affect the normal operation of the machine.

4. When storing the humidifier, please clean and dry the wet part. If the humidifier is placed in a ventilated place, it will be put into the packing box after air drying.