Winter troubles teach you to solve once, let you comfortable through the cold winter

Another winter is coming. The joy of watching the snow is short, and the winter of worrying is long: the skin is dry and skin is peeling, the quilt is cold like an ice cellar, and the clothes are electrostatic. The original cold has been unbearable, and these additional pains are even more maddening. Here is a collection of the 10 most common troubles in winter, and find solutions to help you spend the winter together.

1. Dry skin

In winter, a lot of people will have a lot of white dander on their bodies, their lips are often dry and cracked, and the barbs on their hands are pulled out and long.

For dry skin problems, the simplest and effective way is to moisturize.

1. Drink more water

Daily adhere to a small amount, many times, drink enough water, in order to maintain the skin and mouth moisture.

2. Choose appropriate moisturizing products

There are many kinds of moisturizing products, and the moisturizing effect of moisturizing cream is better than that of moisturizing milk.

Moisturizer is recommended for dry skin in winter, while moisturizer is recommended for oily skin.

3. Use humidifier

Humidifier can effectively improve indoor dryness, help to keep skin, mouth, nose moist, and reduce static electricity generation.

Turn on the humidifier, pay attention to close the door and window, otherwise you are just wasting electricity.

2. Glasses fogging

A friend with glasses must have such an experience: every time I go from the outside to the room, I suddenly feel that there is mist in front of me, and then I can't see anything.

When eating hot pot, I want to fish out a piece of freshly cooked meat. At the moment when I lean towards the hot pot, my eyes suddenly turn white. Don't mention the meat slices, the pot can't be seen.

It's easy to deal with glasses fogging.

1. Soap antifogging

Wipe the lens with half dry soap, and then wipe it with eyeglass cloth. It can last 2-3 hours after wiping with soap.

2. Use antifogging spray

If you think it's troublesome to wash regularly, buy an antifogging spray.

There are also special anti fogging agents for glasses on the market, with prices ranging from 10 yuan to 50 yuan. The anti fog time can last for two or three days, which is quite convenient to use.

3. The quilt is cold

A person's bed in winter appears particularly lonely, in the moment lying in, as if into an underground ice cellar. Turn over is absolutely can't turn over, cover a small piece very hard, how can turn to cold place again?

These three methods, even if there is no object, can also have a warm quilt.

1. Use electric blanket

Electric blanket has a more well-known name, that is electric mattress. Turn on the electric blanket before you go to bed, get into the bed and play with your mobile phone for a while. Turn it off before you go to bed. The quilt will be warm all night.

Electric blanket can also dry dehumidification, for the cold and humid South is also a big weapon.

However, do not easily try to turn on the electric blanket all night, or the next morning will be dry mouth, let you regret.

2. Replace with a 4-piece sanding set

In winter, changing sheets and quilts to matte or flannel not only gives you a soft feel like rolling on the grass, but also keeps you warm.

3. Buy a quilt warming machine

Quilt warming machine is a little strange to most people, but once you use this small and efficient thing, you will fall in love with it.

Its use is simple and crude, is to insert the air outlet into the quilt.

4. Static electricity

For girls who love to wear skirts, winter is really too painful, skirts are all sucked on the legs, ugly and embarrassing.

When you go out everyday, static electricity often accompanies you: when you take a taxi door, you are electrified; when you take a mobile phone, you are electrified again; when you hold a small hand, you are electrified again.

When you take off your clothes, not to mention, your hair flies straight up and you feel floating in outer space.

In fact, there are many ways to deal with static electricity. Here are the two most convenient and easy to use.

1. Use the key to remove static electricity

Hold the metal key tightly with your hand. Be sure to use a key with a metal handle, not gloves, and use as much contact area as possible.

Touch the conductive object with the tip of the key, such as metal doors and windows, metal shell, etc., to export the accumulated charge.

2. Use fabric softener

In addition to the body's static electricity, due to drying and friction, clothes are often electrostatic adsorption. At this time, you can make a bottle of cloth softener spray to solve your troubles easily.

Mix the fabric softener and water in the ratio of 1:30, pour it into the spray bottle and spray it on the clothes with static electricity. This method is effective for both coat and close fitting clothes, and can easily avoid the "crackling" sound when taking off clothes.

5. It's cold to go to the toilet

Do you feel the same way when you go to the bathroom in winter.

Obviously, my buttocks are cold, but I still have to sit on the cold toilet lid, and I can't help but take a breath.

Is it so difficult to go to the toilet comfortably?

1. Use toilet seat

If you are afraid of the cold, you may as well spend more than ten yuan to buy a toilet seat. It is much more comfortable than sitting on the toilet in winter.

2. Select the smart toilet cover

The intelligent toilet cover has many functions, which can be cleaned and dried, and the most intimate one is that the seat ring can be heated.

It usually has high, medium and low gear temperature adjustable, sitting warm and comfortable. One person purchase, family use, properly improve the quality of life.

6. Sweater pilling

As soon as the weather is cold, sweaters become the first choice for many families to keep warm.

But wearing sweaters in winter, the most annoying is pilling, a group, to see how ugly. It's a new one. How can it look like it's been worn for ten years?

In the face of pilling sweater, in addition to want to change a new one, you can also try these two methods.

1. Use a hair gluer

The gluing machine in supermarket usually costs more than ten yuan a piece. It can roll and glue the hair ball and hair at will, which is cheap and convenient. After use, tear off the used sticky paper and turn it into a brand-new gluing machine in one second. Now there are also water washing type, even the process of tearing adhesive paper is saved.

If you don't want to buy a hair applicator, a wide tape at home can do the same.

2. Use a brush

Except for the appearance of the brush and ordinary comb is very similar, but the ordinary comb is bristle and so on, and the top of the brush is a mat with wool surface.

In one direction, comb down from the collar. If it's too much, repeat it a few more times, and you'll soon get rid of the ball.

7. Cold hands and feet

Winter friends together, the most afraid of prank is that others put their hands into your back collar.

In fact, cold hands and feet is not a disease, but the human body in the cold weather when the self-protection mechanism. But women are more sensitive to changes in temperature than men, which makes their hands and feet colder.

If you're bothered by cold hands and feet, try this.

1. Drink more hot water and exercise more

Drinking more hot water and keeping moderate amount of exercise (running, yoga, etc.) can accelerate the blood circulation of the body, and improve the cold hands and feet to a certain extent.

2. Go out with gloves and socks

I don't know when it started. It became a fashion to show my ankle in winter.

If you usually have cold hands and feet, do not ignore the temperature for the sake of demeanor, or honestly wear gloves and thick socks. You can't. You can also choose barefoot socks.

It's more important to keep warm than to dress well for others.

8. Clothes won't dry

Even if there is a washing machine in winter, the clothes that have been dried for a few days often can't be dried.

If you're in a hurry to get dressed, you can't find anything else to replace. What should I do?

If there is a blower at home.

Use a blower or heater to speed up drying

When blowing pockets, sleeves and collars, turn them over frequently. Pay attention to blowing inside and outside, so that the clothes can dry thoroughly.

Pay attention not to blow to a place for a long time, too high temperature will cause some cloth or table top to scorch.

9. The clothes smell of hot pot

Winter is a good time to eat hot pot.

But love to eat hot pot friends will encounter such problems: after eating hot pot, there is always a smell of hot pot on the clothes, which can't be dispersed for a long time.

How to remove the strong flavor of hot pot? Remember this little trick and solve it easily.


Find a spray pot, add water in it, and add the right amount of lemon juice (or lemon essential oil), stir evenly, spray on clothes.

Then air the clothes to a ventilated place, and the smell will be easily eliminated after natural air drying.

Of course, you can also choose ready-made deodorant, whether it's the smell of smoking all over the body, or the smell of hot pot rolling, it can help you smooth it out.

10. Frostbite

As soon as the cold winter arrives, many people will encounter the legendary frostbite.

It's red and swollen. It's itchy when it's not touched, but it hurts when it's touched, and it's bleeding when it's scratched. Be careful when you wash and gargle. It is not good-looking, but also affects life.

Many people think that chilblain is caused by extremely cold and low temperature, but actually quite a lot of chilblains are caused by cold environment of 0-10 ℃. To deal with chilblain, there is no medicine to cure the disease, so early prevention is very important.

1. Keep warm

In daily activities, the temperature should be kept above 10 ℃.

Try to keep warm when you go out. Put on gloves, masks, cotton socks, etc.

2. Prevent temperature change

The rapid change of temperature is one of the causes of chilblain.

In the cold environment, the peripheral blood vessels are contracting, and the local tissue is in the state of low temperature and ischemia injury. After the sudden rewarming, the capillary will suddenly relax and expand, and a large amount of local blood will flood into the area, causing the secondary injury of reperfusion, and frostbite will soon be formed.

Therefore, don't put the cold hands and feet under the hot water quickly, you should rub your hands and feet to warm them automatically.

3. Moderate physical exercise

Exercise can promote the whole body's blood circulation, usually can run, practice yoga and so on, to prevent frostbite effect is very good.